The Flower Pott-SIMPLE NUTRIENTS™ plant food and Local Floral Design Classes.
The Flower Pott-SIMPLE NUTRIENTS™ plant food and Local Floral Design Classes.
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1.  Is SIMPLE NUTRIENTS™ good for any plant?

SIMPLE NUTRIENTS ™ is good for all plants, indoor, outdoor and even vegetable. But different plants need different nutrients, so we highly recommend that you use SIMPLE NUTRIENTS™  for your indoor green houseplants that's where it is best suited.

2.  How About Blooming Plants?

For blooming plants and specialty plants, (african violets, lucky bamboo, orchids ) ,it is a good idea to feed this plants with a plant food made especially for their type, along with SIMPLE NUTRIENTS™  just once per month.

3.  What Type Of Water Should I Use For My Plants?

Spring, well and tap water are the best choices for watering your houseplants.  Avoid distilled, softened or water that has been chemically treated. It is always a good idea to keep the water at room temperature for 24 hours before watering.

4.  Should I Feed With SIMPLE NUTRIENTS™ All Year Round?

You can use SIMPLE NUTRIENTS™ all year, however , houseplants need less water in the winter months. Follow the care instructions for each of your plants and use SIMPLE NUTRIENTS™  accordingly.

5.  What Is The White Residue On The Leaves Of My Plant?

You might notice a white powder residue on the leaves and /or surface  of the soil. This is perfectly normal  and not harmful.  Gently wipe off the leaves with a soft cloth  and work it in to the soil.

6.  What Are The Ingredients In SIMPLE NUTRIENTS™

 SIMPLE NUTRIENTS ™ is a safe, natural plant food that you can completely trust for your houseplants.  It contains 70% Magnesium for strong leaves and stems, 23% Sodium  to stimulate blooms and reduce fungus plus 7% Nitrogen  for healthy roots and vivid colors.   Your plants will show visible results in just a few feedings.

The photo on the left is

We started feeding with Simple Nutrients plant food---

The photo on the right is

The same plant after  feeding for 6 months with Simple Nutrients plant food.  What a difference!